October 17, 2004

My wife and I built a house last year, and had Randy Ross complete our house networking, as well as a whole house A-Bus speaker system and home entertainment system. I thought I was knowledgeable in all things technical, but found trying to describe my wishes for the job stymieing. Randy understood my wishes, and recommended what he thought I would need and implemented that plan from beginning to end. He advised me of possible upgrades that future technologies might require, and showed me the best and most economical ways of wiring the house to meet those needs.

He not only was there from the framing of the house to finish, but would answer calls from me regarding questions on an ongoing basis. I have called on weekends with questions of certain component compatibility, only to have him at my door a half-hour later to help me out. His knowledge of the products available, and his honesty that precludes him from pushing the most expensive item in the interest of his own profitability completely impressed me. He continues to check in with me to see if everything is OK, and I have found that I have not only found a conscientious home electronics person, but a friend.

His installations are a sight to behold, as he is not only interested in functionality, but also aesthetics. From his wiring bundles, to his networking boxes, everything is NEAT. I often kid him of being somewhat of a perfectionist. He is not SOMEWHAT of a perfectionist though, he is one!

Last but not least, he has a great last name, but no, I am not related! Feel free to call me for a reference, or to look at his work if I am available.

Dan Ross
I came to Randy through the recommendation of my builder and ended up thanking him for passing along the name of such a service-oriented home entertainment specialist.  Randy came out on multiple occasions to make sure my wiring, whole house sound, and HDTV were customized to meet my needs.  He worked around my schedule and followed up to make sure I was satisfied with his installation.


We have had the pleasure of working with Randy Ross and Ross Technologies through the process of building our new home. 

Randy prewired and installed our phone, satellite, home theatre and sound systems.  If we were to pick one word to describe Randy, it would be meticulous.  He is very particular about his work and making sure it is done correctly.  He even came back to fix a problem created by the phone company when they hooked up our service. 

We have recommended Ross Technologies to friends of ours who have also been very pleased.  We would recommend Ross Technologies again to anyone without hesitation. 

Bill & Sharon East

Prairie Highlands
October 25, 2004

Mr. Randy Ross
Ross Technologies
Via email: labhouse2@comcast.net

Re: Testimonial

Dear Randy,

We wish you the very best of luck for much success. It was such a pleasure to work with you on the installation of our home stereo system, computer network, and big screen TV. Not only was your product top notch, but your knowledge of the industry and guidance as we made decisions was so very helpful. You were most professional, completed the job in a professional, timely, workmanlike manner with a wonderful attention to detail and quality. To “play Santa” and deliver our big screen on Christmas Eve so we could surprise the kids was really beyond the call of duty. We appreciate all you did to make our home special! You were a breath of fresh air in the building of our new home.

Very truly yours,

Randy and Cheryl Reinhardt


We are so pleased with the audio/video system in our new house that the
enthusiasm is hard to describe. I must say at first I was apprehensive to
spend over $5,000 on an audio/video system. Today however, I am so happy we
did this and did it during the new construction process. With all the
extras we had put in our new house this is one of our favorites and
certainly an investment we feel great about. All of our friends and
neighbors are very impressed and envious.

Your willingness to work around my busy schedule and showing patience for
all of my changing request exemplify your commitment to superior customer

I must say that the I will be the first person to recommend you to my
friends and family in the near future....the ultimate compliment in todays
service environment. Please have any of your future customers call me for a
testominal. I would be thrilled to be a reference for you and your company.

Thanks again,

  We enjoy entertaining in our home regularly.  The audio-video system that Ross Technologies designed and installed for us has enabled us to open our home to many groups.  Whether it is church study-groups watching a DVD series or friends from work watching the Super Bowl, our new system is awesome.    We no longer have to hire a DJ for large parties as now we can play our own music and adjust the sound for each room/patio/deck in the house.

 Randy has always been very responsive to our needs and we expect to do more business with him in the future.

Marty & Beth Krebs

Olathe, KS

Dear Randall Ross,

After Cindy and I decided we were taking the leap in adding Whole House Audio/Complete Home Network Integration to our new home we were building, the search began!

My long time interest (really it’s an obsession) of two channel audio listening meant that whatever company we decided to have perform our installation would have to meet a very high standard in many aspects, i.e. Quality of Material and Workmanship; Thorough Knowledge of  Technology (both Network and Audio); Ability and Willingness to Listen to our Needs & Wants; Meticulous attention to Detail; and  most importantly, a company with Integrity and Ethics that we could trust to take care of us both DURING and AFTER the job was completed.

I interviewed four different companies, all very well qualified and some offering the absolute top-of-the-line equipment. What I realized in the end decision was, Randy Ross of Ross Technologies was the only one to get top marks in every category.

Oh, one other thing, Randy is a really good guy too!

Thanks Again Randy,

Alan & Cindy Williams

Another Very Satisfied Ross Technologies Client

To Whom It May Concern:
I have worked with Randy Ross on two projects now and each one was done to my satisfaction.  Randy installed my home theater system when we built our house 2 years ago and is currently installing a theater system in our finished basement.  I had received several quotes from others, but after meeting with everyone Ross Technologies was the only way to go. Randy is very fair and competitive with his bids.  He may not be the cheapest, but he delivers the best quality and service.  The great thing with working with Randy he never tries to up sell you.  He will always give you options when putting a bid together and gives you the pros and cons to each.  He is very passionate about his work as well.  He takes great pride in doing everything right and making sure you are satisfied with the end product.  Randy came over on a Friday night to install my theater system b/c he knew that I was excited to get moved and settled into my new house.  He stayed at my house until 3 a.m. to make sure everything was installed correctly and working.  He then came back the next day to explain how the system worked to my wife and I.  He has been very accessible after the installation as well.  There have been multiple times when I would have trouble operating our new system and I would call Randy and he would walk me through it over the phone or come over in person.  I will continue to use Randy and refer him to anyone and everyone I know.  Please feel free to call me personally if you have any questions in regards to Randy/Ross Technologies or would like to view his work.  
Brian Conley
(H) 913-322-3326
(M) 913-221-3931
Brian Conley
Director of National Sales

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